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High quality products

Apart from our personal expertise and attention to detail, know that when you’re working with Ukko Saunas that you’re receiving the highest quality products available on the market.

We are in the process of manufacturing our own brand of hot tubs and saunas using only the finest Canadian Western Red Cedar.

We guarantee that our timbers are the best sustainable clear grade timbers available.

Our specialist designs and high quality timber means that your saunas and hot tubs don’t experience the usual problems that other manufacturers leave you with.

Tailoring our products to suit your needs

Our hot tubs and saunas can be specially designed to suit the needs of you and your family.

The flexible system used at Ukko Saunas means that you can look choose a size to suit your specifications.

Easy delivery system

No matter if you’re living in Sydney, Hobart, Perth or anywhere else across Australia, Ukko Saunas will deliver your sauna and hot tub products directly to your door.

There’s no need to pay money for a crane!

Our hot tubs and saunas are flat packed and can be assembled in your desired location without needing to hire additional equipment.

Whether you’re looking for a sauna, hot tub or other accessories, contact Ukko Saunas.

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Our mission – keeping it local and supporting Australia

Ukko Saunas aims to improve the lives of Australian families by offering and providing the highest quality lifestyle products.

We have searched for the best suppliers from across Australia and Europe for the highest quality products that are nothing short of durable and reliable.

At Ukko Saunas, we are proud supporters of members and businesses here in the local community.

Our Finnish saunas and cedar hot tubs are designed, manufactured and hand finished locally in Sydney, Australia.

When you support us, you support Australia in becoming a better place for all.

Our knowledge and expertise

As experts in every aspect of building saunas and hot tubs, we pride ourselves in building superior quality workmanship and treat every sauna or hot tub as our own.

Our products are test fitted and finished by hand with a strong attention to detail before being delivered directly to your doorstep.

When you deal with Ukko Saunas, there’s no middleman involved – you deal with us directly!

Our superior customer support service means that we’re here to assist you every step of the way and are willing to help however we can.

You can call us or visit the website knowing that we’re always here to help you.

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