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Boxed - 2/3, 1/3 Col

Cedar Sauna Range

Ukko Cedar saunas comes completely pre-built and ready for immediate use.

Using 38mm clear Canadian Western Red Cedar solid logs means that your sauna is one of the most durable and insulated saunas available.

Our traditional cedar saunas are made for indoor or outdoor use and come with a three year structural guarantee from our factory in Sydney.

Available in a range of sizes, or custom built to suit your needs, you can’t go wrong with this beautifully finished range of saunas.

Barrel Sauna Range

Made from premium grade Western Red Cedar Timbers that are delivered from Canadian sustainable forests, the Ukko Barrel Sauna Range is a fantastic option for any backyard.

These saunas can be personalised by adding an overhang porch with or without seats, windows allowing beautiful garden views, added LED mood lights, a wood fire heater and speakers.

Easy to maintain and designed to naturally retain heat and steam, these saunas are a fantastic cost-effective option.

Precut Saunas

Ukko Sauna’s precut kit could be a better option for you if you would prefer to build your own custom sauna. Our kits include all the materials needed including timber, light fittings, benches, doors and more.

With our precut option we offer design plans and layouts for free to help you get on your way to building your own sauna.

We also offer DIY saunas and custom built saunas, as well as sauna doors and accessories.

Check out our website for more information about our sauna heaters and steam generators.



Our Wide Range of Hot Tubs

From our wood fired range and Q-series range, to our modern range and enviro range, we’ve offer hot tubs to suit a wide range of needs.

We also offer an economy range for those looking to spend a little less but still want top quality products.

Our plunge tubs are also popular amongst those looking for something to accompany their existing sauna.

Apart from the tubs themselves, we also provide tub covers, tub heating options and spa ionizers.

With the highest quality products offered with even the most specific requests, you can trust Ukko Saunas to deliver.